WE ARE ACCE(I) Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India) was formed and registered under society act in 1985 by a group of Consulting Civil Engineers from Bangalore. Initially it was called 'Association of Consulting Structural Engineers' was renamed in 1987 as Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India). ACCE(I) headquartered at Bangalore, has pan India presence with 5000+ members associated with 22 centers.
Our Vision

To foster ideals of profession, promote friendship, establish rules for professional and ethical conduct and to develop social awareness and responsibility in the members.

  • To encourage and foster the ideals of the profession.
    To hold conferences/meetings/seminars for dissemination of knowledge among the Civil Engineers in particulars and society in
  • To promote friendship, establish rules for professional and ethical conduct and to develop social awareness and responsibility
    among the members.
  • To bring the latest technological advancements in the world to the members and prepare them to carry out futuristic designs with an
    eye on assurance of quality.
  • To facilitate access to technical papers, books and computer software.
  • To arrange lectures by distinguished Engineers / Professionals fromĀ  India and abroad and conduct study tour of projects.
  • To act as spokesman for the Consultants to deal with the Government, Corporations and other agencies regarding policy matters.
  • To identity areas in which the Consultants can contribute to the betterment of the country like Rural Housing, Urban Development,
    Low Cost Housing, Infrastructure development, Economic and Safe Design and Construction Practice, etc.
Our core values

As Nation Builders, We are endowed with creating a new era which is sustainable, a new dawn where we value our limited natural resources and a new world order where our future generations can breathe a sigh of relief.

Our Activities

ACCE (I) conducts regular activities in all its centers across the nation. Dissemination of knowledge to its members generally happens through well organised & pre-scheduled programs under different titles such as;

  • Technical Evening talks.
  • Workshops, Conferences, Conventions, Seminars and Symposia.
  • Exhibitions pertaining to construction industry.
  • Technical Visits.
  • Annual convention focusing on the topic of National Interest.
  • Family get together to foster better fellowship among the families of members.
  • Placement Orientation Program; emphasising the Industry- Academia Interaction.
  • Endowment talks to students emphasizing the topics of recent technology.
  • Technical library facility to its members and student members.