Task Force Committee

ACCE(I) is a professional body of Civil Engineers, striving towards protecting the rights and interests of Civil Engineering community.

To address various issues faced by the Civil Engineering professionals, ACCE(I) has established nine Working Groups comprising Governing Council members from across India.

In order for these activities to be streamlined more effectively and efficiently, ACCE(I) Task Force Committee consisting of representative members from all centers of the Association has been formed.

The main objective of the committee is to identify issues in the Civil Engineering profession, address the same with assistance from the appropriate ACCE(I) Working Groups and disseminate the knowledge & solution amongst all members, for the overall benefit of the Civil Engineering community in particular, and the Society at large.

Following are the esteemed members currently working on the ACCE(I) Task Force Committee.

Sr. No. Name Located at Ph. No. Email
1 00_GC_Dr_M_U_Aswath_Bangalore_2017-19 Dr M U ASWATH
Bangalore 98452 62955 aswathmu@yahoo.com
2 Rajesh Kannan Chairman Banglaore Centre R Rajesh Kannan
ACCE(I)-Secretary General
Bangalore 97411 10366 kannanretro@gmail.com
3 Badarinaath Singri Treasurer Badrinaath Singri
Bangalore 98440 23137 badarinaathsingri@gmail.com
ACCE(I)-Vice President (South)
Chennai 94450 31691 jtamilselvan67@gmail.com
5 Satish Raipure V P ( West) Satish Raipure
ACCE(I)-Vice President (West)
Nagpur 98224 65948 sraipure@gmail.com
6 National President - SANNA RATNAVEL Sanna Ratnavel
ACCE(I)-Immediate Past President
Madurai 98430 97335 ratsiit@gmail.com
7 D. Ranganath_2019-2021 D Ranganath
Co-ordinator – ACCE(I) Task Force Committee
Bangalore 98450 19807 d_rangnath@yahoo.co.in
8 Shrikant S Channal Shrikant S Channal
Co-ordinator – ACCE(I) Task Force Committee
Bangalore 98458 99116 shrikant_channal@yahoo.co.in
9 Girish Singhal_2019-2021 Girish Singhai Ahmedabad 98250 82804 singhai_gh@yahoo.co.in
10 Rahul Vakil Rahul Vakil Ahmedabad 79402 36236 rahul@vmsconsultas.com
11 Ismail Abdeali Ismail Abdeali Akola 99605 90192 najmi1@rediffmail.com
12 Ajay Lohia Chairman Akola Centre Ajay Lohia Akola 94228 62357 lohiaaj@gmail.com
13 Veershetty Manage Veershetty Manage Bidar 94484 88103 veershettymange@gmail.com
14 R Radhakrishnan R Radhakrishnan Chennai 94451 42274 gurudadha44@yahoo.com
15 Dr. Thirunakkarasu_2019-2021 Dr. Thirunakkarasu Chennai 98404 33206 dthirunakkarasu@yahoo.com
16 Raghunathan-C-J Raghunathan C. J. Coimbatore 98422 21662 cjragu@gmail.com
17 01. J Prem Kumar Chairman Coimbatore Centre J Prem Kumar Coimbatore 98433 33324 jprem224@outlook.com
18 Jagdeesh-K-M Jagdeesh K M Davangere 94488 73518 jagkm76@rediffmail.com
19 Datta-Kare Datta Kare Goa 98221 31618 dattakare@gmail.com
20 Thomas-D-Costa Thomas D Costa Goa 98504 72489 thomas9732000@yahoo.co.in