Call for Nominations – ACCE(I) AWARDS 2024

Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India) with its Headquarters in Bengaluru is a premier professional body of Consulting Civil Engineers; with over 47 Centres spread across the country it has more than 7500+ members on its rolls.

Since 1990, ACCE(I) honors individuals and/or Organizations, for achieving excellence in various domains of Civil Engineering by presenting the ANNUAL ACCE(I) AWARDS. These awards have been instituted by esteemed individuals and organizations in collaboration with ACCE(I) for recognizing excellence in the field of Civil Engineering. The Awards day will also be celebrated as the Foundation Day of our Association.

We invite nominations for the various ACCE(I) Awards as listed under Annexure 1 , hosted on our website:




Sr. No.
Date of Reckoning
 01 Last date for receipt of nomination forms duly filled extended up to 15th March 2024 
02  Evaluation of Nominations by duly constituted Jury, on or before 30th March 2024
03 Awards Function Date and venue will be intimated separately  April/May 2024



  1. Visit for details of Awards.
  2. a) Refer Annexure 1, for List of Awards,
    b) Refer Annexure 2, for General Terms & Conditions.
    c) Refer Annexure 3, for Evaluation Methodology
    NOTE: All the above Annexure can be downloaded for ready reference from website mention as above.
  3. From Annexure -1, Select the Awards Category you wish to apply and click on the specific Award Category to download Nomination form along with the details of the award of your choice.
  4. Fill Nomination Form as stipulated with all the relevant details and attachments wherever required.
  5. Please complete sections “G & H” CHECK LIST to ensure whether all requirements/details are furnished. This check list to be attached with the Nomination Form.
  6. Submit your nomination along with the check list as per the “Schedule of Events mentioned in “A” of this covering letter.
  7. Submission to be sent to ACCE(I) Office as a set comprising of 01 Set of Hard Copy + 3 Sets of Soft format in USB Pen drive.

C. The same work can be submitted for multiple awards, if it satisfies all the stipulated requirements for an award, but the nominations will have to be made separately for each award enclosing all the relevant information sought.

We look forward to your participation in ACCE(I)AWARDS 2024.

Please contact ACCE(I) Office for clarifications if any.

Thanking you,

With warm regards,

Dr. Sandeep Shirkhedkar
Chairman Awards Committee

Reference Covering Letter

Annexure 1 – List of Awards
Annexure 2 – General Terms & Conditions
Annexure 3 – Evaluation Methodology


Nominations Forms – Under relevant Award Category.


To give recognition to the Civil Engineering Consultants, Organisations and students, ACCE (I) has instituted awards which are presented every year during the Foundation Day Celebrations. These awards are instituted by the generous contributions by made by the Donors.

Click below links to get nomination forms under relevant award category and guidelines for the ACCE(I) Awards
  1. ACCE(I) – BHAGWATI AWARD for Outstanding Design of Industrial Plant/Structure using Special/Advanced/Innovative Techniques.
  2. ACCE(I) -SIMPLEX AWARD for Innovative Design of Structure other than Industrial Structure
  3. ACCE(I)-L&T ENDOWMENT AWARD for Excellence in Construction of Industrial Structure
  4. ACCE(I)-BILLIMORIA AWARD for Excellence in Construction of High Rise Building
  5. ACCE(I)-SOMDATT AWARD for Excellence in Construction of Highway Project.
  6. ACCE(I)-SARVAMANGALA AWARD for Excellence in Construction of projects other than Industrial, Highrised and Highway.
  7. ACCE(I)-NAGADI AWARD for Best Publication (Book) in Civil Engineering (Useful to Consultants)
  8. ACCE(I)-INSWAREB AWARD for Effective Use of Pozolona or Blended Cements in Design & Construction of Civil Engineering Projects
  9. ACCE(I)-JMC AWARD for Best Construction by Budding Company of India
  10. ACCE(I)-GAMMON AWARD for Effective use of Materials & Systems in Construction Resulting in National Savings
  11. ACCE(I)-L&T FORMWORK AWARD for Best Use of Formwork resulting in outstanding structures.
  12. ACCE(I)-Er. P T MASE MEMORIAL AWARD for Innovative Structural Design by an Upcoming Structural Designer
  13. ACCE(I)-MEGH STEELS AWARD for Excellence in the use of Hollow Sections in Steel Structures
  14. ACCE(I)-SHIRODE YASHODEEP AWARD A person from the field of engineering, preferably, civil engineering, who has come up in his/her career from adverse circumstances and has achieved excellence through sheer hard work and intelligence.
  15. ACCE(I) – ASPSDI  ‘ Care for Earth’ Award  Instituted to recognize and honor buildings demonstrating clear implementation of sustainable design contributing to reduction in carbon footprint and set new benchmarks for sustainable built environment, as a part of ‘Care for Earth Program’ as envisaged by ASPSDI – Sustainability Auditors for buildings and infrastructure projects.
  16. ACCE (I) – SCEBA. MaPs Young Eminent Engineer Award  This Award is instituted to identify, recognize and encourage young professionals in India and abroad to recognise engineers below 49 years old, who have contributed and are likely to continue to make outstanding contributions as torch bearers in construction industry.



  • Individuals/ Firms offering Consultancy Services in the domain of
    i. Design-Structural, Plumbing, Ground Engineering, Foundation, etc.,
    ii. Project Management, Safety, Health, Environment, etc.,
    iii. Allied Services-Specifies, Repair, Rehabilitation, Structural Health Monitoring, etc.,
    iv. Construction-Formwork, Shoring, Specifies, QA and QS, etc.,
    v. Development- Green and Brown field projects, Housing, Infrastructure, etc.,
    vi. Planning, Testing, Certification, etc.,
  • Computer Software Developers
  • Authors of Technical Books, Monograms, Handbooks, ready reckoners, etc.,

Nominations will be accepted from Indian National and from  companies/Firms incorporated under Indian Laws, for works, executed in the geographical domain of the Sovereign State of  India only.


A. Download Nomination forms from ACCE(I) website –

B. Fill the downloaded application form completely in all respects, giving relevant and specific data for information sought.

C. Additional information to supplement/support the claim for the award, can be submitted along with the application form as an Annexure. All such information, so provided shall be pertaining only to the project under consideration and not of the Organization/Firm seeking nomination for the Award.

D. Wherever required necessary certificates from the end user shall be provided to substantiate any disclosure/s made in the nomination application made.

E. All information submitted shall be in the Soft Format-Portable Document Format (PDF) including the application form.

F. It is mandatory to submit all information sought and shall be presented in the same order and format as listed.

G. All sources of information shall be duly acknowledged, and ACCE(I) shall not be responsible for any concealed information.

H. ACCE(I) shall be indemnified formal legal and/or any other actions, that may accrue out of submission of data without necessary permission from all concerned with respect to the nomination. ACCE(I) assumes that all the data submitted and furnished by the individual/organisation is true and correct. ACCE(I) is not responsible for any false or incorrect data provided by Individual/Organisations.

I. Three copies of Pen drive shall be submitted for each entry.

J. One hard copy of the application with all the necessary details as contained in the Pen drive shall be submitted to the ACCE(I) Headquarters office on or before the due date.

K. Separate nominations shall be made for different works carried out by the same Individual/Firm/Organization, either for the same award or for different awards categories, if eligible.

L. Same Work/Project can be nominated for more than one award, by the same entity or by different
entities, provided they satisfy the stipulated conditions for each award so nominated, provided their
services are certified by the end user and if eligible as per the requirements of the nomination for the

M. When the same Work/Projects is being nominated for more than one Award, nominations shall be made separately for each award, fulfilling all the requirements individually.

N. When there is more than one entity associated with a particular Work/Project, there shall be only one nomination submitted encompassing the entire work and the same shall not be split into components. However, it can be submitted for consideration under various categories of awards, as relevant.


A. These awards are only for works executed within the geographical domain of the Sovereign State of India.

B. Nominations for ACCE(I) Awards 2024 are invited for those works completed after 10th May 2022 only.

C. Even if nomination for an award was made earlier for a Work/Project, and the same has not been
awarded in the previous years, the same can be re-nominated, supplemented with additional
information, provided clause-3.B of this document is satisfied.


A. Canvassing in any form will lead to disqualification of the nomination/s.

B. Receipt of nomination/s beyond the specified due date shall not be considered for evaluation.

C. Partly filled nomination forms shall be disqualified at the scrutiny stage itself.

D. Filing of wrong information or concealing information or making false claims shall lead to disqualification of the nomination.

E. Works completed beyond the term period mentioned under Clause 3.B will not be considered for nomination.

F. Clarifications if sought by the jury, shall be submitted by the nominee/s within the due dates specified for further consideration of the nomination. Failure to substantiate shall lead to disqualification of the nomination.

G. Under extreme circumstances, if the jury or any of its nominee/s have to visit the place of Works/Project under nomination, for clarification/verification, the cost of travel by Air/Train (First Class) wherever feasible or by an equivalent road travel, and local hospitality shall be provided for by the nominee. Time cost of travel and inspection need not be compensated.

H. Submission of nomination by Sub-Contractors/Vendors/Outsource personnel will also be considered provided, the submission is certified by the Main Vendor, through a letter of relinquishment of claim for the award, if nominated.

I. Company/Individual profiles, do not constitute the additional information sought about the Work/Project.

J. For Work/Project with multiple entities, only the main entity shall be nominated for the award, unless given in writing by the main entity foregoing the claim for the award if nominated.

K. ACCE(I) reserves the right to reject any/all nominations for any/all awards, if in the opinion of the Jury, the nominations do not meet the minimum standards specified for the awards by the Individual/Organizations who have instituted the Awards.

L. Submission of nominations do no bestow any right on the nominee to claim the award and the decision of  the Jury shall be binding on all concerned.

M. The selection of the Awardees shall be based on the evaluation procedure as detailed in Annexure-3.

N. Donors may nominate themselves for an Award instituted by them, but can encourage their sub-vendors submit the nomination.

O. The first and second runner up from the previous year nominations for an award will be considered for nomination automatically for the current year. Such Individuals/Organisation can supplement their claim for nomination by providing additional relevant information, provided the Work/Project satisfies Clause-3B of this document. However, decision of the awards selection committee shall be final.

P. Nominations submitted for these awards need no recommendation or certification from any member of our Association.

Q. Awards when presented to a nomination received from an Organization/Firm, will be in the name of the Organization/Firms and not for any Individual/s representing the Organization/Firm.

R. ACCE(I) reserves the right to shift a nomination for an Award from the applied category to any other
suitable Award category as the Awards Committee may feel appropriate, with the necessary concurrence from the nominee, in writing, accepting the change.


i. Technical books, Monograms, handbooks, Ready reckoners, etc., submitted for nomination for the
ACCE(I) – NAGADI AWARD, should have been published for the first time within the time period
specified under Clause-3.B.

ii. However, revised editions of the Technical books, Monograms, Handbooks, Ready reckoners, etc.,
published earlier also are eligible for submission for ACCE(I) – NAGADI AWARD.

iii. Two copies of the Technical books, Monograms, Handbooks, Ready reckoners, etc., shall be
submitted for evaluation at the time so submission of nomination.

iv. Relevant and necessary permission in writing shall be submitted by the Authors/Publishers of the
Technical Books, Manograms, Handbooks, Ready reckoners, etc., at the time of submission of the

v. As the award is for the book, either the Author or the Publisher/s alone should be nominated for
the award, with a written undertaking from the other indicating their consent/willingness to
permit the other for submission.


Date and Venue will be intimated separately

Sr. No.
Date of Reckoning
 01 Last date for receipt of nomination forms duly filled  28. February. 2024
 02 Evaluation of Nominations by duly constituted Jury, on or before        March.2024
 03 Last date for Dispatch of letters indicating acceptance of nominations  1st Week of April 2024
Date and Venue will be intimated separately
 April/ May 2024

* While every effort will be made to adhere to the above schedule, ACCE(I) reserves the right to change the Schedule under force-de-majeure.


Chairman – Awards Committee
Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India)
A-21, A Block, 2nd Floor, Brigade MM Industrial Complex,
K R Road, Near Yediyur Circle, Bangalore – 560 070.
Tel: 080-26770365, 26770366 Email:


1. Upon receipt of nomination for an Award, the same would be scrutinized for its completeness in terms of necessary submissions and compliance of the terms and conditions pertaining to the Award.

2. Such of those nominations, which are deficient in terms of submissions and compliance of the terms and conditions pertaining to the Award will be summarily rejected, with due intimation citing reason for rejection to the nominee.

3. As per tradition being followed over the years, the first and the second runner up of the previous year evaluation nominations will also be carried over/added to the respective category of Awards for the year. However, carrying forward of any such nominations will be the sole discretion of Awards Selection Committee.

4. Nominees of such of those carried over nominations, would be informed in advance about the status, and would be requested to submit additional information, if any, about the previously submitted project if they wish to share with the Jury.

5. A jury comprising of select members of ACCE(I) and Industry experts would be constituted for the evaluation of the nominations.

6. The nominations would be evaluated independently by each member of Jury and evaluated on certain preformulated criteria arrived at by mutual discussion, by the Honorable members of the Jury.

7. The cumulative marking of the nominations by the Jury will determine the ranking of the nominations for a particular Award.

8. In case of requirement of additional information/data from a particular nomination, the Jury, will seek such information/data and the nominee will have to provide such information or validate information provided, to further continue to be evaluated. Failure to do so will invalidate the nomination.

9. On a need based requirement, nominees should take care of travel, local transport, and hospitality, for the Jury Member/s who might visit the Project site for collation of additional information/data or for validating the submission of the nominee.

10. Upon conclusion of the evaluation, nominees of the top two/three nominations based on the number of nominations received would be informed by email and/or post about the status of their submissions.

11. The number of nominations being given presentation time will be at the sole discretion of ACCE(I).

12. The top three nominees for each award, will have to make a presentation about their Project, for a duration not exceeding 10 Minutes, before the Jury and the Audience/Gathering, during the First Session (Morning) on the day of the Awards Function.

13. A separate time slot will be provided for the Q & A session at the conclusion of the Presentations for each Award, for the queries raised either by the Honorable members of the Jury and/or Audience/Gathering.

14. If there is only one nomination for a particular Award, there is no binding on ACCE(I) to award the nomination.

15. Further in the opinion of the Jury, if they find that a few/all nominations for a particular Award, are not meeting the requirements for the Award, ACCE(I) has the right to remove the Award from the list for the year under consideration.

16. Awards under each category for successful entries will be presented, during the Awards Night, hosted ACCE(I), on the day of the Awards and Foundation Day celebrations in the Evening.

17. ACCE(I) will take care of basic hospitality during the vent at the venue of the awards ceremony ACCE(I) does not commit itself to provide any form of travel, Transport, Lodging or any other such facilities either local or otherwise for attending/participating in the event.

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